2021-05-27 9 a.m.

Live Streaming, Online


  • Romain Charbonneau

Transform and optimize the HR, Talent and Payroll services offer
Or how to have an impact while being super efficient!
** Training during accreditation with CRHA **

HR structures, systems and processes have always evolved. But companies today are regularly shaken, and the upheavals in their business strategies show no signs of slowing down. Demographic changes. Health crisis. New business models. An unpredictable economy. Growing expectations of employees in terms of corporate culture, fairness, flexibility while the technologies available to them are more responsive and efficient than those of their employers. A relentless quest for savings. The fleeing dream of greater automation, to name a few ...
To remain relevant and add value to the organization, HR functions must operate a form of Continuous Feedback Loop. The old model was to identify a problem, run a change project, and treat the problem as resolved to continue as before. But one-off changes are no longer enough. A real transformation must take place, supported by continuous improvement. Change becomes a permanent process.
In this training workshop, we will explore the key questions and practical steps that HR managers, their peers and their teams need to take to create a function capable of supporting a large organizational strategy - and helping companies. to be competitive - in this state of permanent transformation.