2021-05-28 7 p.m.

Live Streaming, Online


  • The Planet Smashers

NOW CELEBRATE 25 YEARS OF THE SKA PUNK PARTY! The Planet Smashers have managed to survive for a quarter of a century by touring the world, partying nonstop, and making some extremely questionable life decisions. A staple of the Canadian music scene, the Smashers take their punk ska with punky and new wave influences to the four corners of the world, the middle finger raised on one hand and a double Mai Tai cocktail firmly gripped in the other. The group has faced more than their fair share of adversity over the years, but have always managed to maintain a positive and often hilarious approach to life; and that admirable attitude shines through in every one of their songs. Too Much Information is the ninth full-length album from the Planet Smashers. The group adds another string of hits to their 25-year history of festive creation and provocative debauchery. These fourteen songs cover a wide range of themes from the culture of over-sharing (Too Much Information) to obsession with love (Can't Stop) to eating way too much ice cream (Brain Freeze) and the infamous incident. years ago, when Matt Smasher broke his neck after a show in Sherbrooke (Break My Neck, A Love Song). One thing is certain, you can't keep Smashers quiet for long.