2021-05-20 7 p.m.

Live Streaming, Online


  • Maxime Landry

Maxime Landry - A piano in the voice
Ten years already, this is the title of his most recent album. Indeed, Maxime Landry is celebrating his ten-year career this year. For him, every birthday comes with a review, a retrospective. To do so, he wanted to treat himself to a new show. In a very particular, very refined formula, like a gift he wanted to give to people who have supported him for the past ten years.
A piano in the voice, it is a unique evening in which time stands still. In privacy, vulnerability, he tells us stories. He explains to us what inspired him to write his songs. He talks to us about his joys, his fears, his insecurities, what inspires him, makes him laugh or cry.
Whether they are from his pen or that of one or one of his idols, he will take us on a journey through deep texts that he takes pleasure in interpreting, in a beautiful way.
For two hours, we will be transported by the immense talent of its pianist of the last ten years, Catherine Maurais.
The singer-songwriter, who claims to be privileged to be able to share such a beautiful moment in the company of his audience, invites you with him into a soft and warm world, with his brand new show; A piano in the voice.