2021-05-27 7 p.m.

Live Streaming, Online


  • Andréanne A. Malette

After conquering crowds across Quebec during her last tour of more than 100 dates, Andréanne A. Malette is back on stage. Surrounded by her loyal acolytes: Judith Sun (bass and guitar), Olivier Savoie-Campeau (drums and percussions) and Antoine Lachance (guitar and keyboard), she offers a journey into her pop / folk universe in which her sincere and colorful prose intersects the catchy melodies of his radio hits (Fou, Here and Elsewhere, Le Brasier). The staging of the show, by Malette, is inspired by the cold and wide open spaces of the Alaskan landscapes and emphasizes her personal pilgrimage which she recounts with humor. More than ever, Andréanne wants to break free from taboos by tackling, without detour, themes that encourage reflection (domestic violence, emancipation, depression, self-confidence, etc.) which gives her songs a particular resonance tinged with strength and lucidity.
With this new show, she is part of the Quebecois penchant of a line of contemporary female artists such as Maggie Rogers, the new American sensation, and the Swedish duo First Aid Kit who knew how to brilliantly handle the alloy between pop -folk. In the age of social media, where everything can seem devoid of authenticity, Andréanne wants through this new scenic adventure to separate not only the true from the false but the true from the beautiful. The singer may evolve in a limited register, but her willingness to give a voice to those who don't have one helps cement her place in the hearts of her audiences.