2021-05-18 noon

Live Streaming, Online

As part of its Festival, Vue sur la Relève presents its: Coups de Pouce award

On May 18, come and attend the Coups de Pouce Award! Each year, the Vue sur la Relève Festival joins forces with partners from performing arts circles. These cultural industry professionals who support the next generation will award prizes to the artists of their choice from the 2021 program! The “Coups de Pouce” offered take the form of showcases, scholarships, presentation of shows, participation in the RIDEAU scholarship, studio recording, residences, and so on.
For this 25th edition, more than 30 partners have chosen to join forces with Vue sur la Relève to help these young artists integrate into their community and launch their careers.
A big thank you to our Coups de Pouce partners for their support for the next generation!