2021-07-22 8 p.m.

Live Streaming, Online

American Minority (Hommage à Green Day) is a band from Drummondville. The latter was founded in 2017, and since then many shows have taken place and more to come. The band members are Guillaume Pelletier (singer and guitarist), Étienne Letendre (lead guitarist and back vocals), Mike Gilbert (bass) and Louis-Frédéric Daneau (drums). The passion for music and the concern of each member to produce a quality show are essential to be taken into consideration.
Guillaume, the singer of the group has been a big fan of Green Day from a young age and has a voice very similar to the singer of the original group (according to several people), which makes a major asset for the tribute group to stand out from the rest. in addition to the entertainment aspect it brings.
Étienne studied music on the guitar at CEGEP. He has therefore developed excellent skills for his instrument and this is reflected on stage. Previously, he was part of a tribute group to Blink 182 and then moved on to a metal composition group.
Mike has been playing guitar and bass for over 10 years. Her experience as well as her showmanship brings a lot of energy on stage. Proud dad since June 2018, he is fully involved in all spheres of life and he brings a lot to the group in terms of ideas.
Louis-Frédéric has been playing drums since high school as part of a special music program. Its thoroughness and organization provide a framework for the group and also a concern to provide the best experience for our listeners. He was part of several metal bands before arriving with the tribute band.
We hope you know more about us now. We look forward to sharing our passion with you!