2021-07-03 9 p.m.

Live Streaming, Online

By setting up this competition, Sébastien Girard wanted to give visibility and a professional scene to musicians, but above all to create an event that is a school, or even a festival of local musical talents. The Quebec Rock Contest qualifies itself as an incubator for the next generation of music, ensuring good cultural health by promoting these artists.
Before the advent of the Quebec Rock Contest, this type of competition was absent from the music scene in Quebec. The instigator of the competition, the team, the musical groups and the fans know that it is essential to make room for these artists, and to do so in a solid and profitable structure such as the Quebec Rock Contest. This competition is also a real springboard for groups. For example: some had the chance to perform at the very famous Festival d'été de Québec, following their visit to the Québec Rock Contest.
The Quebec Rock Contest also contains an educational aspect through the advice of members of the jury from several spheres of the entertainment world. With each performance, these experts help the competitors to better stand out in this complex but inspiring environment. Finally, by providing the necessary technical equipment, artists have the chance to deliver performances with quality, professional-caliber equipment, thus ensuring that all are evaluated on an equal footing.