2021-04-08 8 p.m.

BBAM! Gallery


  • Alicia Clara
  • Magi Merlin

Magi Merlin is an up-and-coming R&B/Neo-soul artist from Montreal, recognizable for her otherworldly aura and clever lyrics.  Her unique sound is underpinned by an uncompromising introspection, exploring themes of her own racial identity, love, and personal growth. First arriving on the scene with her first single sit with your friends and EP OMW to the listening party in 2019 Magi has found her signature sound and unique brand of alternative RnB. She has most recently released a moody and honest EP entitled Drug Music. 


Alicia Clara is a Swiss-Canadian artist who just released debut EP Outsider/Unusual via Hot Tramp Records on February 19th. Inspired by various sounds from dream pop to soft rock, the album acts as a sort of late coming-of-age, a personal diary in which the artist talks to herself. Available now on all platforms.