aggregates arts and culture events listings. Information about arts events are compiled into a structured database and fed to media for display on their websites, and directly to arts audiences, saving producers time and by-passing marketing intermediaries. Information posted on ARTSCAST is information that is already public. ARTSCAST aggregates information that is already on the web, most likely on the web pages of producers or artists, or from posters or programs.

ARTSCAST is also a live broadcast event series dedicated to increasing the value of artist created digital media. ELAN (English Language Arts Network, Quebec) has graciously supported the initiative in the form of an event series. ARTSCAST in engaging with artists and venues, the supporting ecosystem to bring high quality live broadcasts to the audiences worldwide. Join us in the re-valuing of digital media in support of those who make it happen!

ARTSCAST will take an artistic approach in producing performances for broadcast. Each event is coordinated with the artists, the ARTSCAST crew and the venue technicians to produce a unique and high quality presentation. Documentation of the events will be shared back to the artists and venues to provide a knowledge base for ongoing broadcasting endeavours.